¥4 as Minimum cost per click. Suppress waste of cost.
Features for Advertiser
¥4 Minimum CPC. Suppress waste of cost.
= $0.03

¥4. The Lowest price in world

Charged by a click,
Free Impressions

Minimum cost per click is ¥4. More impressions come when you set more high price.

Low price of charge


Icon-AD: The best install ratio

Icon-AD; friendly look & feel.
High performance AD

Users easily understand the AD meaning is "Getting New App". You do not have to worry much users go away before download the App.

High performance ad

Schedule PR hour

Schedule PR is available which day of week and hour on.

You can choose hour to display your AD. This is good for optimization of business hour.

Schedule PR hour

Ad on android

Quick charge with credit card

Available from ¥1000 (about $10)

Payment online. You can add fund as soon as you want, and start promotion quickly .

Online payment with credit card

Why choose Asta ?

Manage Campaign

Limit total cost by a day or a month to block waste of fund.
Also available function to stop/resume the promtion whenever you want.

Manage Creative

More than 1 creatives can be set per 1 campaign (App or Web site promotion).
Setting for some platforms can be done at same time, including CPC, limit of cost, etc.

Automatically optimize select of creative

The impression of ad is optmized automatically with considering CTR (Click thru rate; How often user clicks ad)

Multiple landing-page URLs for 1 creative

A/B Match Test. By setting Multiple Landing page URL for 1 campaign,
you can find what design of page is efficient for conversion.

Many Grapical Reports

Many graphical reports and many criteria like hour, device type, creative etc.